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lori klan-gervais artsysmartsy@sympatico.ca toronto canada

ETC News has provided me with the most bang for our advertising buck!

Thanks Terry and Bruce
Lori from U Can Do It!

Letty breezi@nexicom.net Campbellford Ontario Canada

Great job Terry and Bruce!
your cousin? Letty

Greg grharrison@hotmail.com Toronto Canada

Excellent Web site! I am very impressed. Now we can receive all of the current events that are taking place in Leslieville, Queen/Broadview Village and Riverdale.

Great work. We are very fortunate to have such a publication serving our neighbourhood!

John Dunn afterfostercare@yahoo.com Toronto Canada
Leslie And Queen

I would like to find, or talk to others who might be involved with Alanon. I am living with my brother who is a severe drinker, and I am worried about his health, and well being.

I do not know how to help him or how to convince him that he is killing his daughters father.

She is only 10 years old this december.

John Dunn

Abigail Brown abrown@wiley.com Toronto Canada

This is absolutely wonderful. The colours are great and so is the amount of information that will now be made accessible to so many people! I love seeing my name in print, I love seeing it on the net too. I am going to tell every single friend I have about it.

Marcia m@hotmail.com Toronto Canada
nice looking site!

Marlene olearyanthony@sympatico.ca Toronto CANADA
I have always enjoyed reading the etc.news paper now to have access to it on the web is even better. Thanks for all your hard work.

Bob Menzies, Chair, DVBA bobmenzies@hotmail.com Toronto Canada
As a Community initiative, your website is outstanding. It gives one a sense of the community of neighbourhoods that is Toronto's greatest asset and more importantly how East Toronto is flourishing on the edge of downtown. Great work! Bob Menzies, EdwardJONES, 1254 Danforth.

Riverdale Youth Singers magt@pathcom.com Toronto Canada
Great web-site. Another great addition to our community communication network. Thank you for setting it up. We hope to advertise our upcoming concerts and events on your site. All the best.

Mark Bell

Teresa Bellefontaine teresa@stlc.com Toronto Canada
Great new website - congratulations!

Elizabeth Russ / Gallery 888 liz@gallery888.com Toronto Canada
As a fellow member of the business community situated in Riverdale/East Toronto, I really appreciate that ETC... News is a vital and informative source for our community events. As an art gallery owner/operator, there are numerous venues in which to promote our activities, but Etc...News is one I like to support because of its circulation and coverage. I know as well as any new entrepreneur that it isn't easy to keep a small enterprise up and running, so I'm glad you guys are persevering!

devin devin@tetnet.com Toronto Canada


Bryan bryan@tetnet.com Toronto Canada
Great site and great newspaper!!



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